The Fate 3

The Fate 3

Fate is like a huge comic book where each page has a chance of turning into something else when you read it. On every page the future events are determined for you to make decisions to see what happens in the next two days. There […]

Episode 4 of The Line – “Legacy” Explained

If you have been following the evolution of Halo 5: Guardians and the Twitter era, then you might be aware that we have a lot to talk about in the next episode of Halo 5: The Line; the Episode entitled “Legacy”. One of the most […]

Have You Ever Wondered How To Do Things On Your Own While At The Pool?

Have you recently been looking for a free float boating tutorial and can’t seem to find one? One of the biggest reasons why people don’t get a float is because they are so used to working on their own. So often when you’re trying to […]

Is Candy Crush King Good Or Bad?

This is a cool new game called Candy Crush King! Now that has not been around long enough to have an official review, but I found it to be interesting to say the least. It is one of those games that needs to be played […]

How To Get Rid Of Steam And Go Online At The Pokemon Store

The Pokemon Store is very popular and it is a really interesting concept that a lot of people have loved since it came out. You get to own virtual items you can trade with other people or trade for other things to make your character […]

May Is The Month To Go Out And Find Pokemon

May is the month for Pokemon. They’ve become quite popular recently and their growing popularity has caught on everywhere. One of the reasons this has happened is because of how easy it is to collect all the Pokemon. They’re available for all kinds of children […]

Destiny, Fate and Destiny Go Together

Fate and Destiny Go Together Like a Match Made in Heaven! This is perhaps the most famous saying in all of Japanese history. In fact, it is the only thing that people know about the mythical J-Pop idol group that would dominate the music industry […]

Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Mystery Revenue – Is it Still Available?

A recent discovery of Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Mystery Revenue for the Harry Potter Book is great news for those who are fans of this series. The source of this amazing find was a rare book on public domain which was published in 1930. […]

App Store Optimization

There are several factors that go into making the app store seem lively and populated to the customers. One of the main factors in app store optimization is one’s willingness to share information with the visitors about their app. App store optimization is a subject […]

How to Use Google App Store Optimization to Your Advantage

There are many places where App Store Optimization can be utilized and developed into a profitable enterprise. Google Play, Amazon Marketplace, Apple’s App store, (Apple has more than 70 stores), Amazon, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and You Tube are all examples of services with which […]