The Fate 3

Fate is like a huge comic book where each page has a chance of turning into something else when you read it. On every page the future events are determined for you to make decisions to see what happens in the next two days. There is no guarantee that your decisions will affect the story at all, but if you choose the right one, you could very well change the course of your life and the fate of others.

“DESTINY” is a card game that combines the cards of the Fate series with the games of luck, probability and deductive reasoning. Each card has a specific effect on the game and the strength of the effects can vary greatly. The more powerful the effect is, the higher its cost, or “Luck”. Every time you play a card, its success or failure may have an effect on the game. The more powerful the effect, the more costly it becomes.

With this card game you will be given different options for how to play the game. Some will tell you to build a great fortune for yourself and others will tell you to win the hearts of the women. Your actions will determine the outcome of this game. You will be forced to choose between two different paths.

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The particular effect of your decisions will be dependent on your ability to connect the dots with the rules, cards and their outcome. As you play you will be given the chance to pick between these two outcomes. This choice is always permanent unless you decide to rewind the clock and start the game again from the beginning.

By playing Fate cards you will be able to develop your fate cards and develop your abilities to solve problems. Fate cards may even reveal aspects of your personality that are hidden from you.

By placing your fate cards in the right spots you will be able to modify other cards to suit your personality and character. These card abilities may include luck, skill, luck, creativity, and leadership. They will determine how well you resolve situations, and how well you adapt to changing circumstances.

Fate may be your source of inspiration, or a source of great influence, or both. When you are looking for an action filled, highly interactive, and entertaining card game, then you should check out “DESTINY” for yourself.