Dreammapper An App That Helps You Treat Your Sleeping Disorder

These days due to stress and due to heavy workload there are several sleep disorders that people are suffering from. There is a very common sleep disorder that is known as the obstructive sleep apnea.

Now this disorder is generally seen very common these days. So this app is a really helpful app in this case.

What this app is helping you with?

Dreammapper app actually provides you with a therapy to cure your sleeping disorder. The people who are suffering with obstructive sleep apnea have a problem with their breathing ability.

In this case when the person sleep they have a disorder like their breathing it stops and again it starts so it is major problem for them while they sleep.

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Features this app provides you with

They are enabled with secured features that keeps a record of your daily activities with your sleeping ability day to day and analyse the changes and the improvement that takes place.

This application is enabled with Bluetooth features that helps you with data transfer from your Philips PAP.

You can also check your daily records and improvements that is been recorded. You also receive notifications that keeps you updated.

In conclusion, this app is really amazing and is really a suitable choice for those who are having real problems during sleeping.