Episode 4 of The Line – “Legacy” Explained

If you have been following the evolution of Halo 5: Guardians and the Twitter era, then you might be aware that we have a lot to talk about in the next episode of Halo 5: The Line; the Episode entitled “Legacy”. One of the most intriguing things about this episode is the fact that it has a surprising amount of foreshadowing for the future of Halo. More specifically, we will look at what happens when the Covenant and humans finally meet and why John is so important for the future of the Halo franchise. What you should know about the upcoming episode before it airs is that it will be covered in more detail in the following article.

When Episode IV of The Line came out, it made a lot of fans very nervous, and rightfully so. It was an entirely new take on the Halo Universe, and they were left wondering what had really changed. Most Halo fans have been waiting for years for this to happen, and I can’t blame them. There are still so many questions, and I can’t help but wonder how much of what I am seeing will end up becoming canon and how much will simply change along the way. As we all know, this type of thing can get very confusing, and with the changes happening to the series this season, I am already worried that this Episode won’t live up to the expectations that we had for it.

As I said before, the next episode of The Line is titled “Legacy”, and it is highly anticipated. There is still no concrete date when it will air, but I am pretty sure it will be on the 20th of December. The reason that people are so excited about this one is because of the important role that John plays in the story. If you haven’t seen the first episode, then you definitely need to do so now.

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In “Legacy”, we see that one of the main antagonists in the Halo Universe is Dr. Halsey, and she has decided to stop using John as her source of power. One of the main things that John does in this episode is to kill Dr. Halsey’s predecessor, and he ends up becoming the true power behind the throne. He has also re-joined the Covenant once again and in doing so, the two biggest obstacles that Dr. Halsey had faced were eliminated.

This was not the only thing that happened in “Legacy”. When John and Cortana return to Earth, they are met by a lot of problems. They discovered a message from Cortana, and they were able to determine that one of the attackers was trying to get in contact with the Forerunner civilizations. They also learned that the Covenant were launching another attack on humanity, and they were on the run from a force much larger than the Spartans.

After this Episode of The Line, there will be plenty of foreshadowing to follow. Since Dr. Halsey is dead, the Covenant are all but wiped out, and humanity has a chance to rebuild its civilization. John is now back in command of the Covenant, and he is definitely fighting for his survival. However, he is not only fighting for himself, but for the future of the universe as well.

In the next episode of The Line, titled “The First Spark”, we are going to see an entirely new battle scene that I am very excited about. It is important to remember that this is a part of the saga that we are about to experience, and the Forerunner history of the Halo Universe is going to take a turn for the worse. For those who are not familiar with this point in the Halo Universe, this episode is a must-watch.