Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Mystery Revenue – Is it Still Available?

A recent discovery of Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Mystery Revenue for the Harry Potter Book is great news for those who are fans of this series. The source of this amazing find was a rare book on public domain which was published in 1930. It contains official information about the Harry Potter series. This news about this newly discovered book has stirred interest in many fans especially those who were not able to see Harry Potter in the movies. This is one more exciting book that will definitely help them in their journey towards the movies. This news also means that there is a chance that they might get to see Harry Potter on the big screen.

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Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Mystery Revenue were first discovered by a Harry Potter fan. She searched the internet and found out that this book was available in the public domain. She was so excited about this new discovery that she decided to buy it immediately. However, she discovered that the public domain book was difficult to purchase. Even though the price was very cheap, but there were restrictions that she did not want to pay. If she bought the book, then there would be an additional charge which would have been unreasonable. So, she took the decision to search for a used copy on the internet.


This is the reason why she purchased a used copy of Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Mystery Revenue. She did not want to spend an unnecessary amount for a book that was not worth it. To her surprise, she found that the book was still in print even today. There were several copies of this book at the library and she bought two. It was so surprising, because the library and the bookstore did not sell the book.